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Cioffredi & Associates is a family, PT-owned practice, dedicated to providing people with the expertise, support and inspiration to live happier, healthier lives since our founding in 1985.

We pride ourselves on a highly supportive working environment where you can not only be your best self, but are inspired to create positive change in the lives around you. We achieve this with our commitments to each aspect of what we do:

  • The Cioffredi Team at APTA CSM 2024
    Staff Development & Clinical Training: Cioffredi & Associates is recognized as a regional leader for clinical expertise and outcomes. Our investments in professional staff development through extensive structured group and individual mentorship programs and the latest cutting-edge technology allow us to excel on the forefront of our profession.
  • Expertise & Outcomes: Our staff is supported to make a real difference with each patient. On top of mentorship and continuing education support, our therapists operate one-on-one with patients with generous time allotted for each appointment. Empowering out staff to use their skills to the fullest in this way has led to a highly knowledgeable and collaborative staff with stellar outcomes.
  • The PT Profession: We believe we have a responsibility to give back to the next generation of PTs. To this end, we maintain an excellent reputation both as a clinical site for DPT students and as a residency site for PT post-doctorates.
  • Wellbeing: We prioritize taking the time to come together to enjoy one another. In-clinic, you’ll find us hosting all manner of fun activities throughout the year including the annual pumpkin carving contest, potlucks, exercise challenges, and more. Outside the clinics, you can find us meeting up at the annual bonfire, tailgate, service events, or even a spur of the moment happy hour or hike!
Cioffredi & Associates PTs gather for monthly group mentorship in Lebanon, NH

This commitment to our team allows us to deliver on our mission to providing care to our patients and clients at the highest level, developing their confidence, and elevating them to higher, healthier, baselines of living.

Cultural Values: 

Respect, Integrity, Give Your Best, Responsibility, Service, Find Some Enjoyment in Every Day!

Team Tailgate
In-Clinic Fun
Giving Back
Annual Bonfire
Cioffredi Leadership

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Click each Job Title to review job details. If you would like to join our group please send cover letter and resume to Amy Hayward, CEO

Note, while we are not actively hiring for other positions including Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Rehab Aide, or Medical Receptionist, we are always open to working with the right candidate. Please reach out if you are interested in working with us!

“[The Cioffredi team] is as dedicated to their craft as they are to supporting one another. It’s incredibly special and it motivates me to excel every day.”

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