Elizabeth Upton’s Dancing Comeback


Earlier this year, Elizabeth Upton came to Cioffredi & Associates in Grantham with acute ankle pain and swelling. As a ballet dancer, this was incredibly problematic, particularly with a number of performances right around the corner.

“I couldn’t stand on my left foot. I dance for hours a day and need to be able to balance on one foot.” – Elizabeth Upton

After just a few short weeks of PT though, Elizabeth was back on her feet without pain! Being so committed to her craft, she decided to continue her therapy in order to achieve a truly high level of performance.

Throughout the summer, we worked Elizabeth through a challenging program of progressively difficult exercises crafted around her dancing goals. As a result, she was not only able to get back en pointe, but has danced virtually without stopping in a number of camps, intensives, and performances, including the title role of Cinderella in the Kearsarge Conservatory of the Performing Arts Cinderella Ballet! Going into the fall, She’s enrolled herself in a large number and variety of dance classes and plans to teach beginner level ballet too.

Want to see Elizabeth in action?

You can catch her in the upcoming winter KCPA production of “Highlights from Handel’s Messiah” where she was recently awarded the five-and-a-half minute pointe solo, “Rejoice!” A big congratulations to Elizabeth for her dedication, perseverance, and accomplishments; we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us!

“All that dancing is thanks to the months of hard work put in by [her PTs,] Anna and Becca (and Elizabeth), at the beginning of the year!!!” -Kristi Upton


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