DIY Home Office

Remote working is on the rise, but  odds are your home office isn’t set up for long days in front of a computer screen and your body is experiencing aches and pains.

Luckily, you don’t need to go out and buy an expensive ergonomic chair to fix your back pain! We’ve compiled a number of tricks and tips that are easy and inexpensive to implement in your home. Plus, we’ve included a number of upper and lower body stretches to address any existing or persistent pain that you’ve developed.

The below playlist includes Desk Setup Tips, Chair Ergonomics, Upper Body Stretches, and Lower Body Stretches:


If your pain isn’t going away, we can help! Give us a call at 603-643-7788 or email to schedule an evaluation with one of our specialists!

For more info, please read our article on Desk Ergonomics 101:

Desk Ergonomics 101