Double-Take: ACL Deja Vu With Charlie Chambers

“There’s No Way That Just Happened.”

In late 2022, just three games into his freshman year on the Hanover High School Varsity Football team, Charlie Chambers tore his ACL tackling a runner during a kickoff. After working hard to rehab his knee all year, he was excited to get back on the field…

“I was so ready… running treadmills, doing agility drills, everything. And then that first practice, my other knee popped. I knew right away. It was surreal. The first time felt really real; just like something that happens in life. But the second time, it was like, there’s no way that just happened.”

“The first few weeks I was freaking out. I couldn’t do anything – and I couldn’t do anything about it… I’m a really energetic person. I love running around and moving whenever I can. Staying active in general is great for my mental health and physical health and I love it… So it was important to find other stuff I enjoyed, like lifting and reading, to keep myself occupied and I wasn’t just sitting there with my thoughts.”

“I always looked forward to working with Neil [MacKenzie, PT]. He’s so nice – always uplifting when I was down. And he’s smart. He’s really knowledgeable about all this stuff and easy to talk to; very approachable. I feel like I learned a lot from him… “Like, one of the big things is slowing down. That took a while. I’m always doing stuff really quickly: Going boom, boom, boom, do this, do this, do this. That can be good. Sometimes you can get stuff done fast… but you can also make mistakes. Neil’s helped me to slow down in the gym and also, just like, in life. I was forced to go slow. Honestly, I hated it at first. But I learned to love it. It’s kind of like savoring food. You get to enjoy it more.”

Neil MacKenzie, PT incorporates Blazepod reactionary agility training into treatment with Charlie Chambers at the Lebanon, NH Cioffredi & Associates clinic

“Now, I’m really looking forward to getting back into sports, hanging out with my friends, and just being social and active. And I want to prepare myself for college. I haven’t had that much time to do sports in high school, so I need to work very hard on my resume if I want to get back in a spot where I’d be eligible to compete.”

Going into his Junior year at Hanover High School, Charlie is excited to compete again with new lessons to take with him forward… 

“I honestly don’t feel like what happened is a bad thing. I remember being so mad about it, but I began to realize that it taught me a lot of lessons in the end that I wouldn’t have learned if it hadn’t happened. Like, you’re going to come out of it a better person than you came into it. You’re going to learn how to not keep reinjuring yourself. If you follow the program and you stay disciplined in the program, you’re going to have that discipline for life… I just really appreciate everything you have done. Neil and this entire facility have prepared me for what’s next and I really feel like I know what I’m doing. I feel confident.”


You’re going to learn how to not keep reinjuring yourself. If you follow the program and you stay disciplined in the program, you’re going to have that discipline for life…

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