Client Success: In Her Own Words

I have been living with chronic lower back pain for years and finally have gotten relief through just a few sessions of dry needling with Marsha and Becca. 

“I am thrilled to have relief and know that dry needling is a resource for this discomfort should I experience it again. Thank you Kate, Becca and Marsha!”

This back pain has affected my quality of life and sleep. I exercise, stretch, have tried massage and over the counter pain medication but have only gotten very temporary relief. My physical therapist, Kate, thought that perhaps I would benefit from some dry needling.

Dry needling sounded a bit intimidating and mysterious. I wondered if it would be painful. But I read a bit about dry needling on the web and it’s really just a brief insertion of a very thin needle into or near the affected area by a licensed physical therapist who has had special training and demonstrated competency with this skill.

Amy Eilertsen on horseback after dry needling success for back pain.

When I received dry needling I noticed almost immediate relief from the back discomfort! Dry needling literally takes about 5 minutes and for me, I hardly noticed the needle insertion. Now, after 3 sessions, the pain is gone.

~Amy Eilertsen


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