What’s Your Risk For Falling?

Even if you don’t think you’re in danger of falling over, that “running out of steam” while walking that you’re attributing to aging muscles could be something else. The problem might actually be slowing reflexes, abnormal gait, or poor balance. Use this screening tool to check your risk!

*This checklist was developed by the Greater Los Angeles VA Geriatric Research Education Center and affiliates and is a validated fall risk self-assessment tool (Rubenstein et al. J Safety Res; 2011: 42(6)493-499). Adapted with permission of the authors.

Learn How to Reduce Your Falling Risk Here with the Balance & Falls Checklist!

The National Council on Aging’s Center for Healthy Aging recommends annual wellness visits to include physical therapy and occupation therapy visits to help prevent falls. Call us to schedule your fall screening with our balance and vestibular specialists! Read more about Cioffredi & Associates Neuro & Balance Rehabilitation Services here.

“Cioffredi & Associates pulled me out of the wheelchair and with dedication they strengthened every muscle. Adding gait and balance training, they gave me back my functioning life.” -B. Miller

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