Giving Thanks with Billy Cioffredi, PT

Expressing Gratitude On My Favorite Holiday

I’M GRATEFUL to live in the USA with our freedom, opportunity, and security. I loved growing up in Rutland, VT, a white and blue collar mix, with a cultural diversity of Italians, Irish, Polish and New Englanders. I’m drawn to the topography and climate of New England and I enjoy living here. The Upper Valley is a wonderful mixture of Vermont and New Hampshire: The pastoral small-town community feel of Vermont and the spirit of the Live Free or Die state reminding me to stand for what I believe in.

I’m grateful for our home in Lebanon where we raised our family. There are good schools for the kids, trails to walk on, safe places, and citizen organizations that support and look after those in need of a hand up. We take care of our own.

I’m grateful for our organization. Every day I get the opportunity to work with a team of really bright, positive people, and our mission is to help others. I’m so impressed about what we have accomplished, not only as a company, but as a community.

In our community, we each have our own unique viewpoints, but it is collectively that we have an ability and a potential to accomplish great things. My wish is that we can see and admire the things that make each of us uniquely different but revel in working together in common purposes. Together, we can accomplish great things for a rich and vibrant community.

-Billy Cioffredi PT, Founder

This article first appeared in the Holiday 2022 Cioffredi & Associates Newsletter. Read more here:

Holiday 2022 In The Upper Valley: Cioffredi & Associates Newsletter

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