Expanding to Serve You Better at 151 Route 10 North, Grantham, NH 


With April 30 being our opening day, we’re hard at work putting finishing touches on our new space.


We truly feel that the warm and open atmosphere in our new clinic reflects the quality and care of our services. We’re thrilled that in just a few short days, we’ll be able to share it with you! For a sneak preview, take a peek at the Before and After pics below!


Waiting Area: Before, During, and After

When you first come in, you’ll be able to check in at the front desk and then kick back in our cozy waiting room. Don’t worry, we’ll get the TV up soon!


Dividing Wall: Before, During & After

It’s incredible how a little extra light brightens things up a bit. The three french doors we added (only one shown here) really give the place an open feel. In the summer, we’ll open them up from time to time to let the outside in!


Treatment Rooms: Before, During & After

Wow, what a difference! Amazing what knocking down a couple walls, constructing two new treatment rooms, and building a new station for handwashing and storage will do!


In all seriousness, our renovation team of Shawn, Dan, and Pat has been amazing and we are so fortunate to be working with them. Also, a big shout out to Mike and Justin with PT United who delivered and helped us unbox and set up all the new equipment. They turned a momentous task that would have taken us days (if not weeks) into a couple hour job.

For all of you out there in spring cleaning mode getting out there and moving old dusty boxes around like us, remember to lift with your knees! When summer comes around, you want to be able to get out there with as much mobility as possible, so remember to take care of yourself.

We still have a few final things to do before we open up on Monday, but we’re finally (literally) seeing the light. We’ll see you next week!