“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” – Lou Holtz, Legendary Coach

Stay On Course and Healthy During the Holidays, and Yes…Eat Some Fat!

  1. Make your list of “to do’s” and, like Santa, check it twice to organize and prioritize. Be kind to yourself and cross off a couple of things; I promise that you will still be on everyone’s “nice” list long after the holidays have passed, and your stress is already reduced!
  2. Drink, drink, drink . . . water. Yes, stay hydrated; you will function at top notch and you will aid in curbing those sugary cravings between gatherings.  Also, save yourself a whopper of a hangover by having a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you sip (and I mean sip)!
  3. Exercise! If you have an established exercise regime, try your best to stick to it! Your body is expecting it and will help hold you to your overall healthy intentions in addition to coping better when stressful moments creep in.  If you do not exercise… well, now is THE perfect time to begin. How?  Even a brisk 10-minute walk after a meal will do wonders for stress reduction, energy and plucking away at some of those calories! Just think how ahead you will be on January 2nd!
  4. Don’t hold back! Holding back or saving calories for one big binge does absolutely nothing but stress your body and makes you feel ill with a lot of calories on board to boot.  Instead, eat each of your meals as balanced and with lots of veggies as possible each day, especially on the day of a party.
  5. Give me some fat with that, please. To slow down the absorption of sugar that is inherent to the majority of holiday fare, be sure to eat something with quality fat along with it. Seriously . . . eat fat!*
  6. Breathe for stress relief’s sake! Do a quick check in: When you inhale, is your upper chest rising? Did you know that upper chest breathing or shallow breathing may be a sign of stress which can further create a vicious cycle of stress causing more than the physical discomfort of tight upper back, shoulder and chest muscles, but can also lead to fatigue, forgetfulness, emotional tension, feelings of anxiety, panic and indigestion.

First, inhale & exhale as normal (cleansing breath).
Inhale slowly through your nose, allowing your abdomen to expand
Exhale slowly through your nose and down your throat, allowing your abdomen to relax.
In a pinch, try three grounding breaths; when time allows pull out at least 10 in a row.

  1. Have FUN! Embrace the moment that you are in. Say “Yes” to something. Say “NO” to something. Keep traditions that serve you; say goodbye to what no longer does. Cherish family and friends.

Keep fit, happy and healthy in 2018!