Hiking Exercises for Flexibility, Strength, and Balance

Hit the trails with strength and confidence! This exercise series is designed with longevity in mind so your body can stay happy and be well prepared for the challenges not only from Point A to Point B, but also throughout the entire trekking season.

Exercises are divided into three categories: Flexibility, Strength, and Balance as demonstrated by Billy Cioffredi, PT in the video below. Note that once the season has started and you find yourself in better shape and out on the trails more frequently, the flexibility exercises in particular are of value to loosen up stiff muscles. This not only refers to immediately prior or post-hike, but also throughout the week as a way to counteract the tendency for muscles tightening during the regular activity of hiking.

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As always, if you find yourself injured or with a nagging pain problem, it is important to address it early. Our Physical Therapy team is here to help. Contact us to schedule your appointment and resolve your pain.

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