How My Hip and I Became Friends Again

-Cindy Loring

Every summer, Cindy Loring and her family vacation in Ogunquit, Maine. “It’s the highlight of my year.” By the time Cindy got to Maine last year though, debilitating right hip pain was keeping her from the activities she loved…

“It was the perfect storm… Due to the pandemic, I spent most days away from home supporting my family and delaying the surgery I needed [for an unrelated condition] for several months. Formerly a very active person, I became very sedentary.”

In that time, the pain grew to become a constant in her life. She stopped working. She couldn’t sleep due to the pain. Everything in life we take for granted, from walking to sitting down, hurt. And that’s when she chose to get help, and booked her first physical therapy appointment at Cioffredi & Associates. “There were 4 themes that I believe got me through…”

  1. Commitment: “After the first PT visit I knew I was in the right place with the right people so I committed myself to see this through no matter how long it would take.“
  2. Determination: “I followed every “homework” assignment I was given: exercises, activity modification, using heat/cold, mindfulness, positioning, breathing techniques. I was determined to do my part to the best of my ability.“
  3. Positive Thinking: ”I tend to have a positive outlook, but I could have easily become discouraged if it were not for the skill of my therapists (Howard and Billy) who always supported and encouraged me.”
  4. Reframing: ”I think this may have been the most important feature of my thinking during my recovery… I applied this concept of reframing all the time often asking myself “How can I approach this challenge differently? How can I alter my perspective for a better result?”

By focusing on these concepts, Cindy and her PTs were able to steadily make progress and overcome any setbacks and obstacles along the way. And now? She’s feeling stronger. She’s back to work. She’s sleeping through the night again. She can drive, sit, walk, crouch, and climb stairs pain-free and…

“I no longer think about hip pain every minute of every day! Sunday, we leave for Maine where I expect to walk the beach, sit in the sun and play in tidal pools with my granddaughter. Life is good.”

“How My Hip and I Became Friends” appeared in the Fall 2022 Cioffredi & Associates newsletter. Read more here:

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