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A Message From Founder, Billy Cioffredi, PT

Hiking in the canyons of Utah is otherworldly to anyone who spends most of their time in New England. The spaces are huge; the mountains, bluffs and valleys. Places that are hard to fathom. The earth tone colors are soft and warm contrasting to New England Spring greenery. I recently spent a week hiking out there and, in addition to exploring the rich environment, one of the other experiences I found most interesting is the people we met along the way, how they work, and how they live their lives.

One particular experience comes to mind. The first day of hiking started out cool and damp but ended up warm and Utah desert dry. In the evening, we stopped at a local shop that served ice cream. The two owners greeted us with a smile and enthusiasm for their strictly homemade ice cream in large variety of flavors. You could even get a flight of multiple flavors. The place was colorful and you knew the guys were proud of their product. Their shop was integrated in a space shared by a cafe that was closed for the night, but the hand drawn chalkboard of breakfast/lunch sandwiches and pastries had us back there the next morning. The staff behind the counter had a warm smile and seemed genuinely happy to wait on us. The food was prepared with love; love of what the people were doing.

There were of course numerous other experiences on that trip that served to contrast one another, from some delivered with indifference, to those that went beyond expectations. In the latter, it felt like, ‘I want to give you something special.’  It made me think of myself and our staff and how they delivered their service. It can’t be a mechanical technique or process, no matter how highly technical. It has to come from a genuine desire to care and be delivered with a positive connection to our clients. That’s the difference between a mediocre and an exceptional experience and it makes all the difference in creating a special environment.

My experiences on my trip were a nice reminder of the appreciation I have for the team we’ve built here, who do so much to support not only their patients, but also one another. I’m coming back from my trip inspired not only by the beautiful lands and people out there, but also by the great people and purposeful work I have here at home.

Best wishes,

“I have again benefited from PT from Cioffredi, this time for arthritis pain in my knees and a back and tailbone injury. Bill pinpointed the underlying weaknesses and targeted the exercises to get me back to normal quickly. The care is very high quality, and the scheduling and insurance submittals are smoother than I have ever experienced.” -Robin Tindall

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