Prevent workplace aches and pains by relieving muscle tension and fluid congestion

Maintaining physical health is fundamentally about maintaining the normal flow of fluid. When flow gets congested, exchange of oxygen, nutrients, and waste products decline and we begin to get areas of the body and systems that are out of balance. The result is fatigue, cramping, aches, pain, and more.

The Good News: Simple, basic mobility exercises are an antidote to muscle tension and maintaining good fluid flow throughout the body.

The key to success for most people is to keep it simple. A full yoga session is a great outlet in managing stress, but a small group of exercises that you can do during work can make all the difference. Get in the groove to do it often throughout the day. And a unique benefit from exercise through the day is that you are interrupting the accumulating effects that are building through the day. Think of it like unkinking the hose, allowing the blood to flow freely, delivering nutrients and oxygen while the blood and lymphatic vessels remove the waste products.

Below there are some basic exercises that you can try. The poster covers common congested areas including the neck, shoulder, forearms/hands, wrists, back and legs. You don’t have to do them all. Rather, select one’s of an area of the body that is needed for you.

While I believe mental health is the basis of our physical health, there is no substitute for maintaining mobility. And that is through exercise.

Keep the Flow!

Best wishes,

Billy Cioffredi

Cioffredi & Associates Founder
Physical Therapist And Health Coach

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