Less Worry, More Hope

-Nancie Severs

 In mid-December, I limped into the offices of Cioffredi & Associates for an appointment with Billy Cioffredi. I was using a walking stick, barely able to bear weight on my left leg, and when I moved the wrong way, I had severe groin pain. Hip X-rays showed mild to moderate arthritis, unchanged from previous. That wasn’t likely the cause of my new pain and instability. The level of pain and mobility impairment had me wondering, actually worrying; will I need an injection, am I on the ‘ladder’ to needing hip surgery and how will I fit that into my life? What can I do to make this pain go away without medication?

“What can I do to make this pain go away without medication?”

I left my first appointment with Bill with less worry and a targeted exercise plan. Bill did his exam strength tests, asking pointed questions. He was confident when he told me that he thought I had a hip impingement and that we could most likely fix it in a matter of weeks! Bill has seen and overseen so many patients over his career of 40+ years, that I knew he knew what he was seeing. It gave me both confidence and hope. I felt marginally better after our session. I did the morning and ‘throughout the day’ exercises, otherwise taking it easy. On day two, with the exception of an occasional twinge, my pain was gone! That’s amazing. Less worry, more hope!

Now Bill and I have been working to improve my walking mechanics for 6 weeks. During his functional assessments, we identified an issue related to my TKR (total knee replacement) that likely contributed to my hip pain. Even though I was 16 months out from knee surgery, with his hands on therapy in the office and targeted exercises to improve specific “muscle firings” we resolved a deficit in my knee extension and corrected gait helping everything! Weeks of deep groin pain and difficulty standing, turning and walking, turned into huge improvement with one treatment session and follow-up PT uncovered and corrected a long-standing issue to address recurring problems.

I am a grateful patient. We who live in the Upper Valley are so fortunate to have the expertise of Bill Cioffredi & Associates accessible to us.

"My yoga practice of at least 2 classes a week is my most important healthy activity. And, I am a passionate traveler. So here’s a photo of me doing yoga up above Machu Picchu in Peru." Photo Credit: Mark Severs

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