Lessons From A Wedding

-Billy Cioffredi, PT, Founder

OUR DAUGHTER, the first of our four children, just got married. It was a happy, joyous time for all of us. I’d been excited and looking forward to the whole thing for quite a while. But surprisingly, the night before the ceremony, I found myself mentally in a strange place about the whole deal. I realized, going forward, I was going to have to share Tess. It wasn’t just with her husband, whom we love for his own sake. But there were now going to be shared holidays and other family gatherings with the groom’s side. And if there were children in the future…..For a moment, as I was expressing this to my wife’s family, I began to feel the beginnings of some loss. Then one of her nieces spoke up and mentioned about the new traditions and celebrations we could be starting. Aha, lightbulb goes on! I realized I was just creating a potential ‘problem’ for myself, creating some new barriers that hadn’t existed.

The Cioffredi family hikes Cardigan

The significance is that, as humans, we have an incredible ability to create. The first existence of anything we create starts as an idea. Whether it’s building or buying a home, it starts with this idea, often a picture or movie we create in our head. In contrast, we create ‘problems’ when we put our attention on barriers instead of on actions that take us where we want to go. Bringing awareness to these ‘problem’ ideas can help us refocus our energies where it counts most. In our Newsletter, you will enjoy some stories of people who accomplished a lot more than they had expected. The stories we share are not intended to be dramatic, but rather, to express the possibilities that exist when we use our creative abilities with positive, constructive ideas and take our attention off of the barriers.

Billy dances with his daughter Tess at her wedding

Oh, and as for the new In-Laws? I’m in good company as we forge forward and make new memories together. The father is a physical therapist who runs his own clinic and the groom’s brother and sister-in-law are both physical therapists. And they work for the same company that the 3rd of our 3 daughters is also employed at in Oregon! And to think that I would worry.


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