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Hobby homesteader, Marc Aquila first came in to Cioffredi & Associates after injuring his hip. The pain was interfering with all the random hundred things he wanted to do: skiing, skating, chopping down trees, building a bridge, carrying bags of feed to his pigs and chickens… After making steady progress working with Megan Osanitsch, PT to resolve the pain, he transitioned from Rehab to a Performance PT program so he could focus on maintaining his active lifestyle with intermittent tune-ups.

“My work here [with the Performance PT program] is preventative for sure, but there’s also this strength training piece. Look, I’m not trying to win a bodybuilding competition. I don’t even like going to the gym. I just want to keep being able to carry 50 pound bags of feed without worrying about it… and if I need to spend a day chain sawing, not worry about it. I could do that when I was 20, but now I’m 47. I’ll get injured doing something stupid like dragging logs. Working with Meg makes it easier with less pain.”

Megan Osanitsch PT, DPT and Marc Aquila in the Cioffredi & Associates Lebanon Clinic

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“Now I get up most days and spend like 5 or 10 minutes doing my exercises… But life happens and some days, or weeks, are better than others. So I have my appointments with Meg scheduled out on my calendar as a sort of catch all. See, this isn’t a gym. I like to say that Megan’s my trainer that knows I’m fragile!”

“I come in and wherever I’m at, whatever I need, we do… And that’s why I’m here. I just want to do these things as long as I can.”

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