Neufit NEUBIE Chronic Pain Performance
Groundbreaking NEUBIE Technology for Pain Management and Performance

The NEUBIE System by Neufit is a Groundbreaking Neurobiological Electrical Stimulation Technology for Pain Management and Performance

The “NEUBIE” is an acronym for Neurobiological Electrical Stimulation. Unique to the NEUBIE is that it operates on a direct current which mimics the body’s natural electro-chemical flow, allowing the current to enact lasting change by altering the input to the brain. By changing the input to the brain, the brain then changes its output. The result is decreased pain, improved movement and improved strength. This differs from traditional electrical stimulation units, which act as a signal disruptor, resulting in just short term change. The NEUBIE allows an individual to perform anything from simple to complex movements without the stimulation interfering with the quality of the movement. In fact, it helps to correct and enhance movement.

“The NEUBIE is significantly decreasing the numbness and tingling in my fingers. I can feel my fingers again!” -Jane Rose

To understand how this works, it’s helpful to have an understanding of the nervous system. There are two major components: the somatic/sensorimotor system which moves the muscles, and the autonomic system which regulates body functions. Within the autonomic system are two major divisions. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for what we think of as, “fight or flight” responses. When we need to take rapid action, this section powerfully recruits our muscles, blood flow and hormones to deliver tremendous power output. The other division is the parasympathetic nervous system. We consider this the division that controls “rest and digest” functions of our bodies and is responsible for adequate recovery of our muscles and organs. When these two systems, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, are in balance, we have the opportunity to function at our optimal. When they are out of balance, the body is under strain and vulnerable to pain, dysfunction and injury.

Neufit NEUBIE Direct Current Therapy
“The NEUBIE was amazing. It really helped the feeling in my back and toes.“ -Joe Doucet

This is where the NEUBIE stands out in its unique design and therapeutic properties. The current has the ability to down regulate an overloaded or excessively active sympathetic nervous system. This helps to restore the normal balance in the autonomic nervous system. The result is an immediate improvement in strength, movement control, and energy. And because it is restoring our nervous system to a more normal state, the improvements are not temporary, but sustained.

What Do We Use It For?

Cioffredi & Associates PTs are currently using the NEUBIE for a variety of conditions. We are the only clinic in Northern New England, North of Connecticut, using this technology and we’re seeing some amazing results.

“Thanks to Joe [Soojian, PT] and NEUBIE technology I am getting my life back. A back injury left me in constant pain unless I was lying on my back on a heating pad. After 6 months of traditional physical therapy and doing my prescribed exercises for 1-1.5 hours a day without any improvement I decided I needed a change and switched to Cioffredi & Associates. I really lucked out because they are currently the only practice in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont that use NEUBIE Technology. In just 5 weeks my pain is greatly reduced.”

Neufit Neubie
“In my 41 years of clinical practice, I have never experienced a technology that helps to correct and restore a faulty nervous system back to normal on this level” -Billy Cioffredi

Acute Pain

Accelerates healing, reduces pain, and restores muscle strength for those experiencing acute pain with a recent injury involving muscle strains or pain and bruising. This includes virtually all postoperative conditions.

Chronic Pain

Helps to correct the ingrained signaling in the nervous system that is responsible for the neural pathways that result in the persistence of pain, weakness, poor movement control and poor function. An exceptionally exciting response that we are seeing includes improvement for people with neurological impairments as a result of multiple sclerosis and other conditions, currently being researched by Dr Terry Wahls and other medical leaders.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Helps remove the restrictions that the body has enforced upon itself resulting in limited strength and flexibility. The direct result is an immediate improvement in these elements which translates into more power, strength, acceleration and improved reaction time.

“[Howard Badillo, PT] knew just when to introduce me to the NEUBIE. That machine accelerated my healing x 5. One afternoon after four sessions with NEUBIE therapy, I was doing my exercises at home and I was feeling athletic; pushing myself and liking it.” -Nancy Baisley

What Should You Expect?

Your physical therapist will use the NEUBIE to “map” out the area in which you are having pain and/or dysfunction. The NEUBIE generates a buzzing sensation to deliver increased input from the affected area to the brain. These are areas where the brain is not registering what’s happening in a normal way, and where pads will be applied for treatment. Once the area is mapped, we increase the intensity of the NEUBIE and start moving! As you move and the signal becomes more comfortable, we continue to increase the intensity to flood your brain with input from the area. By changing the input to the brain, your brain will change the output. That means improved pain, range of movement and muscle function. This is how the NEUBIE works to create longer term changes within your nervous system.

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the NEUBIE! I was diagnosed with MS five years ago. The great majority of my life was as an active, able person, so being limited was difficult. I miss hiking and long walks with my dog. I became even more limited after a fall left my knee swollen and the surrounding muscles unable to support normal ambulation. Marissa suggested I try the NEUBIE. The first time I stood up wearing the device, it was amazing-I actually teared up; something so simple, yet very profound. The NEUBIE let me perform the exercises to address my knee problem more fully and moved me closer to function and activities I value. I’m not all the way there, but I have confidence that continued work with my home program means Spring walks are in my future.” -Pamela Wescott Lee

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