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The musculoskeletal system is complex. While some patient’s pain is directly related to a specific event, more of our patients actually come in with a pain condition that is not. In these cases, treatment isn’t necessarily as straightforward a process, as the source of your pain can be distant to where it is initially felt. In order to be most effective, treatment must be tailored to the individual, even for seemingly straightforward diagnoses like Low Back Pain or Rotator Cuff SyndromeAn expert clinician will diagnose the unique source of your pain and treat the largest contributing factors rather than just the symptoms. This is where Orthopedic specialization and advanced training can make a real difference in the speed and effectiveness of your recovery.

The Cioffredi & Associates Commitment

June 2020 Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist OCS Lebanon Grantham New Hampshire Physical Therapy

As part of our Commitment to Education, we support our staff to pursue the highest levels of training and expertise.

On top of their Physical Therapy Doctorates,  Cioffredi & Associates provides additional structured mentorship and financial support for our clinicians to acquire additional orthopedic training. This includes our Orthopedic Residency Program which, in partnership with Acadia University, provides a full year of additional  training and mentorship beyond the Clinical Doctorate and lays the groundwork for candidates to acquire their Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) designation.

We also incentivize our clinicians to  pursue advanced technique certifications in:

Through our ongoing mentorship program, we bring this expertise back in-house and use it to further develop the skills of our entire team to create one of the most highly trained organizations in the greater North East.

OCS’s are awarded by the American Board of Physical Therapist Specialists to post-doctorate PTs to formally recognize advanced clinical knowledge, experience, and skills in Orthopedics. Due to the extensive level of training, study, and expense required to become an OCS, less than 5% of American PTs have acquired this advanced certification.

The End Result Is Optimal Outcomes For You.

Our reputation is backed up by hundreds of testimonials, local and national recognition, and data:


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