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Have you ever known someone who simply seems to hold themselves with certainty? Not the know-it-all type of person, but the one that just seems comfortably self-assured that they can handle what comes their way in life. My wife, Ruth, is like that.

Ruth doesn’t pretend to know everything, but what she knows, she is certain about. This might be as simple as recalling someone’s name (that others like me, may not remember) or knowing the best strategy to get to Boston Logan Airport on time, given the weather or rush-hour traffic. Now of course, she can’t be right all the time. But if it’s revealed that she was in error, she oftentimes gives a funny smile or a little laugh. She doesn’t have to be right but no matter what, she darn well is certain. And when it turns out she is right and I am wrong, as is the case more often than not, she doesn’t make a point of it.

The Cioffredi Family Hikes Mt. Cardigan

Ruth and I have three daughters. One particularly takes after her in this way. A story comes to mind when she and her sister were hiking around an island off the coast of Ireland. They ran into some other tourists who asked if they knew the way back to the ferry dock. My daughter confidently said with a smile, “Just keep going down this road and you’ll get there.” Well, neither that daughter or her sister had been fully down that road. But when her sister asked, “Why did you tell them that?” The ‘Directional Officer’ said, “This is an island. I just knew If they kept going, they would have to get back to the beginning.” Certainty.

Why is certainty a big deal? It is a trait that counters anxiety, a most paralyzing condition in so many of our lives. Anxiety is that condition we feel when we’re not sure what’s coming, or not sure we can handle what we think is coming. And it can pervade any area of life. You build certainty and self-confidence by being willing to face challenges and being successful more often than not. You don’t do it alone. Surrounding yourself with people who support this trait are part of your success. My wife is a substantial influence in my life.

For the people we see in our clinic, if we do anything for them, if we help build their own certainty about their condition or situation, then in my view we’ve really helped them. In our newsletter, you will see a variety of stories from folks facing their own unique challenges with the help of our team, some over a few brief treatments and others who take a longer road. What ties them together is the growing certainty that they will be able to connect with the people and activities that they love.

As we kick off this new year, I hope that you can take inspiration from their words, and wish you all more certainty and self-confidence in the many aspects of your life.

Best wishes,

Dedicated to providing people with the expertise, support, and inspiration to live happier and healthier lives.

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