Overcoming Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain can be uncomfortable to discuss and even worse to experience. But because it isn’t talked about, many people don’t understand that many times, there are non-invasive strategies to effectively manage their pain including Pelvic Floor PT. Our patients have graciously shared their stories about their experiences living with and overcoming their pain.


“I came to Cioffredi’s 6 months pregnant with debilitating pelvic pain.

Rachel Connolly demonstrates a staggered stance pallof press in the Cioffredi & Associates Lebanon Clinic

Pregnancy is tough enough without being able to walk up the stairs or get dressed comfortably… I had come to understand that the pain I was having was common, but that didn’t mean it was something I had to live with. After my third visit and a consistent home practice with exercises provided by my PT, I was already beginning to see improvement in the way I was able to move. By the time I completed my program my pain dropped from a 7-8 on the pain scale to a 1-2. I was finally able to relax! The improvements made me feel confident in myself and helped me build trust quickly. I was able to leave the practice with a new mindset and enjoyment of the remainder of my pregnancy.” -Rachel Connolly

“For years I suffered from symptoms I thought were irreversible…

Cioffredi & Associates Pelvic Floor Specialists provide Pelvic health Physical Therapy services out of their Lebanon, NH Clinic

I felt like there wasn’t help for the pain and bleeding, that it had gone by for too long without medical attention. I was hesitant to seek help, as I thought it was impossible to fix. I am so happy I finally went to seek help from Stephanie at PT. When the doctors said the solution was major surgery or live with it, Stephanie was able to help manage the pain and reverse damage… If you simply do PT, it will bring wonderful results. I don’t know what you have gone through. I do know what it’s like to suffer from pain and bleeding, both physically and emotionally. There is help with Stephanie. She helps you heal physically and the emotional side will get better too once you start to get used to being in good, healing hands.” -Anonymous


These stories appeared in the July 2022 Cioffredi Newsletter.

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