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In this issue…

✓ The Deciding Factor

A Message From Billy Cioffredi: Who Do You Want to Be?

✓ Present in My Life

Climbing Stairs and Jumping in Puddles: Elaine Stone Takes Her Life Back

✓ The Missing Link

Pelvic Health PT: The Potential Solution For Women With Persistent Back Pain

✓ Safe Pregnancy Exercises

A Guide to A Safe & Active Pregnancy with Jodi Ramirez, PT 

✓ The Little Things

From Struggling to Success: Bill Thurlow Steps Up to the Challenge

And many more great stories and information!


2022 Spring Newsletter

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Our newsletter is a key component of our effort to provide educational resources to our community. It features informative articles about health conditions and treatment options, information about events and services, as well as inspiring success stories provided by our clients that help readers to chart their own course to pain-free movement for life. Interested in past articles? You can read back through our archive here: