Neuro & Balance Rehabilitation

Whether you are experiencing difficulty with balance, dizziness, a vestibular disorder, or living with a neurological diagnosis, our specialists have the knowledge and expertise to help!

Neurological Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists are skilled in the evaluation and treatment of the neuromuscular systems. The specific symptoms and treatment plan for each of these conditions will look very different for each patient depending on their specific needs. We use the best available evidence paired with clinical expertise and compassion to help each patient improve their function and reach their personal goals.


Imbalances, Unsteadiness, and Falls
Headaches and Migraines
Concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Stroke
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Cerebral Palsy

“Cioffredi & Associates pulled me out of the wheelchair and with dedication they strengthened every muscle. Adding gait and balance training, they gave me back my functioning life.” -B. Miller

Balance & Vestibular Physical Therapy

Falls are an all too common occurrence, affecting millions of adults aged 65 and older each year. Falls can lead to injury, loss of independence, and increased risk of early death. The good news is that falls are largely preventable. Knowing the risk factors and what you can do to prevent them can help you take control of your wellbeing.  Our therapists will evaluate each patient and develop an individualized treatment plan, which may include physical maneuvers, head movements, eye exercises, and balance training. They will make sure you fully understand why you are experiencing your symptoms, maximize your independence, and ensure that you make the best recovery possible.

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Dizziness and Vertigo
BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)
• Vestibular Hypofunction (Unilateral or Bilateral)
• Vestibular Neuritis or Labyrinthitis
• Migraines and Migraine-Associated Vertigo
• Cervicogenic Dizziness
• Post-surgical Acoustic Neuroma (i.e. Vestibular Schwannoma) Resection

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“I finally have resolved a problem I have had for 20 years. I feel like a new person. Thank you for fixing my vertigo problem. You worked magic and I am grateful.” -Stacey Chiocchio

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