Personal Training at Cioffredi & Associates 

Build strength, balance, agility, and most of all, the confidence to do the things you want to do and perform at the level you want to. Our approach is built with the focus of keeping you motivated and accountable, so you can create sustainable change in your life.


  1. Collaborative Goal Setting: You and your Personal Trainer will work collaboratively to first define your goals and then outline the path to achieve them.
  2. Safe & Effective Exercise Programming: Your Personal Trainer uses their expertise to create safe and effective exercise programs that align with your goals.
  3. Individualized Instruction, Planning, and Feedback: Throughout your fitness journey, we’ll check in with your progress towards your goals and mix things up with fresh, fun, challenges and different ways to work target areas at levels that are appropriate to your development.
  4. A Better You: Get energized by your success and be the you that you want to be. We look forward to celebrating your progress with you!

“[Now I can] focus more on having fun rather than feeling like I’m surviving my sports. And I can see a clear path to achieving my craziest challenges yet. Now it’s not about being healthy and having adequate mobility, but about seeing what’s possible for me!” -Roger Limoges

Physical Therapy to Personal Training Transition Program

Move without being afraid! You’ve worked hard in physical therapy, and you want to maintain those gains and further improve your overall fitness. Our Personal Trainers work directly with your Physical Therapist to provide a safe and supportive transition from the rehab environment. That means you can go beyond injury recovery or disability and focus on your personal goals, whether that’s hiking, skiing, or even handstands! Cioffredi & Associates Trainers have years of biomechanic and movement experience to help develop a custom program around your unique injury, limitations, and/or needs. If you want to improve your fitness and feel better about your health, we are here to give you the confidence to do it right! 


  1. Professional Oversight: Training is executed under the supervision of your Physical Therapist. 
  2. Communication/Team Approach: Trainers and Physical Therapists work collaboratively to ensure a safe and smooth transition into the post-rehab environment.
  3. Affordability: As a commitment to our clients, all Physical Therapy clients are offered special transition rates.

“I have been working with Conor for just three weeks, yet I feel I have made a great deal of progress. Conor is an inspiring instructor – thoughtful, attentive, and very professional… It’s great to feel so optimistic about my future physical well-being!” -Peter Travis

Personal Training Rates

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