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Cioffredi Performance Physical Therapy is an elite solution for your athletic needs with over three decades of expertise and a deep understanding of movement training, biomechanics, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning.

Our clinicians are some of the most highly trained movement experts in the Northeast, holding numerous specializations and certifications beyond their doctoral degrees. Our extensive experience includes working with elite athletes of all backgrounds, from Olympic champions to professional athletes to collegiate, masters, high school, and recreational athletes. Utilizing state-of the-art techniques and equipment for an experience unparalleled in Northern New England, we achieve performance development by building dynamic control and power, efficiency, strength, balance, and mobility. Whether you’re looking for an accelerated sports rehabilitation program or you want to take your performance to the next level, we can help you reach your goals. 

What is Sports Performance?

Standard Orthopedic  Physical Therapy sessions can take you from your injury to a return to your daily activities, but what if you want to get back to playing your sport or break through barriers to achieve peak performance? Our experienced staff bridges the gap, specializing in not only getting you back to your sport quickly and safely, but then taking you to that next level.

Return to Daily Activity
Return to Sport
Peak Sport Performance
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Expert Analysis & Cutting-Edge Treatments

Work one-on-one with highly trained Physical Therapists who analyze your complex, athletic movements across multiple planes and apply state of the art techniques to restore restricted motion and optimize muscle function. Training and treatments evolve with your progress to match you where you are and elevate you to the next level. Whatever your ability, sport, or goals are, this proven process of continual development and improvement will allow you to break through persistent training barriers and gain higher levels of performance than you have ever had.

  • Supercharge your training with the only Neubie System in Northern New England. This cutting edge direct current technology locates and breaks down chronic neuromuscular dysfunction to help reprogram your movement patterns for higher performance.
  • Real-Time Video Feedback & Analysis helps achieve optimal movement patterns.
  • Accelerate your reaction time with BlazePod Training and other comprehensive strategies.
  • Recover faster with advanced Physical Therapy treatments including Trigger Point Dry NeedlingCupping Therapy, Manual Therapy Soft Tissue & Joint Mobilization, and more!
  • Build dynamic control, speed, and power with hyper individualized sport-specific training.


All services listed above are INCLUDED with your visit at the discretion of you and your therapist.

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