Telehealth Physical Therapy

Receive Physical Therapy treatments from the safety and comfort of your own home!

What is Telehealth Physical Therapy?

Telehealth visits are visits performed over audio+video platforms and are the same as an in-person clinic visit.  You’ll work with your physical therapist to review what’s been going on, modify and progress your program and be instructed in exercise and self care techniques to help progress your treatment plan and keep moving in the right direction.  You’ll get the same high quality care, just at a distance!

What type of platform is used?  And is my information protected?

We use a specific form of secure videoconferencing designed with your medical privacy in mind. The platform is  secure, HIPAA compliant and protects your private health information.

Will my insurance cover my physical therapy treatment through telehealth?

Most major insurance carriers are now providing coverage of telehealth in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic including Medicare! Not sure if you’re covered? Give us a call! 

What are my out of pocket costs associated with telehealth?

For most plans, this will be the same as an in-person visit, including co-pays and deductible requirements, although this is different from plan to plan and is evolving as insurers adjust their COVID-19 response based on State and Federal guidelines.

How do I pay if I am not going to be in the office?

Payment is made via our website’s online payment portal, which many clients use already.  Visits will be paid at the time of scheduling. When buying a package, not all visits have to be used right away if you don’t need them.  They never expire so you can come back to see us any time, either remotely or in-person (when we’re back open!).


“How can physical therapy be delivered online?”

June 2020 Kate Leiser PT Telehealth Physical Therapy lebanon grantham nh“It’s physical, thank you very much, and how is Kate going to reach through my laptop to touch my gummy right shoulder, recently replaced….

Kate assessed my functional ability on screen, walked me through some new case specific exercises, and then followed all with a detailed set of “homework” assignments, submitted by email, that had spot-on instructions, visuals and directions easily reviewable as often as desired…

I was reminded that change equals stress (and skepticism). An unwillingness to try a different approach can result in significant opportunity lost.

I hope that more people will lean-in on telehealth as offered by Cioffredi and Associates. By far, the most likely outcome beats the alternative of compromise to one’s own selfcare. Best for fine health of body and spirit!”

– James W.


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