Even though our office is closed temporarily, we still want to connect with you and keep you moving, even while we’re all social distancing at home!

Each day, our PTs will bring you through a 20m do-at-home program focused on everything from self-massage techniques to running strengthening and stretching, to stress management and diaphragmatic breathing.

Note: Scroll down to view videos. A new video will be added every day!


All About The Hips: Hip Strengthening & Foam Rolling

with Zac Gardner, P.T.


Using Your Resources: Full-Body Backyard Workout

with Marissa Reilly, P.T. (and Athena, D.O.G.)

Kid-Friendly Total-Body Home Workout

with Stephanie Daniels, P.T. (and Evie, K.I.D.)

Home Strength & Stretching for Runners

with Justin Walker, P.T.


Self-Massage & Stretching for Sore Necks

with Taylor Daley, P.T.


Partner Cardio Core Workout

with Marsha Wykes, P.T.


Walking Workout

with Becca Swope, P.T. and Ms. Claire