Ready… Set… Throw!

“Throwing is something that I look forward to every single day. It keeps me healthy.”

-Barnaby Diehn

“I’m a thrower for track and field at Mascoma. [Last year,] my right shoulder had subluxed a few times and it was not only preventing me from doing a lot of things in normal life, it was completely preventing me from doing my sport and lifting weights. Everything was really painful.”

In late 2023, at the beginning of the winter track & field season, Barnaby started coming in to Cioffredi & Associates in Lebanon to work with Michaela Cioffredi towards his recovery…

“Michaela was perfect for what I was looking for. She is a super kind, super helpful, and really knowledgeable person. First thing, she identified the problem, describing my symptoms exactly, and we got to work on some relief. She taught me how to tape it and stretch it, but then primarily it was stabilization. We did a lot of work with body weight and learning how to use my shoulder muscles to stabilize my arm so that it wouldn’t pop out of the socket.”

“It’s so great to be able to consistently train again. I’m especially looking forward to competing in the Spring”

“For me, it was really surprising to see how underdeveloped and weak my stabilizers and shoulder joint were. I mean, I’m 15 years old and I’ve grown really fast over the past couple years; I think that’s the case for a lot of athletes. But many aren’t very aware of some of the weaknesses that can yield, especially if you don’t pay attention to it. It was really great to learn and to be able to treat it.”

“My teammates being there through the whole thing also really helped me push through. The throwing community, and really all track and field is, in my opinion, unlike any other sport. Everyone works together and they’re kind to each other. I mean, they’re still competitive but, everyone’s encouraging and pushing each other to be their best selves.”

“Now, our track and field season is just starting up again and it’s so great to be able to consistently train again. I’m especially looking forward to competing in the Spring… My main goal would be to throw far enough to get to New Balance Nationals. That would be a really, really great thing for me. And I want to get my technique to a point where I feel that I’m on an elite level. Honestly, I just want to throw [the discus] past 150 feet this year.”


Any advice for others going through a similar setback or recovery?

“I would say know yourself and know your body… the best thing to do when you get an injury like this is to seek help from a medical professional and get PT if need be. It was truly the best experience for me and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone. I never had a day where I didn’t look forward to coming in and working with Michaela. Actually, I’m so interested in it that I’m considering pursuing something in the orthopedic field in college and beyond!”

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