Running Performance Seminar

How To Break Through & Discover Your Missing Gear

April 20 | 6:00PM – 7:30PM

Location: Cioffredi & Associates | 112 Etna Rd. Lebanon, NH

  • Free and Open to the Public
  • Light Refreshments Provided

Event Sponsored by Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapy


Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson

The Endurance Drive Founder • Ultra Endurance Coach

Neil MacKenzie, DPT, OCS

Neil MacKenzie, DPT, OCS

Performance Physical Therapist • Triathlete


Zone 2 Heart Rate Training

  • Training Slow to Run Fast

VO2 MAX Diagnostics Demonstration

  • Clinically Accurate VO2 Max+ Testing

Strength Training for Endurance Runners

  • Improve Running Economy, Prevent Injury, and Run Faster

V02 Max+ Performance Diagnostics: Your Competitive Edge

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