Running Performance Seminar

The Running Performance Seminar was held on 4/20/23 at Cioffredi & Associates in Lebanon. By request, we recorded the presentations and posted them here for those that were unable to attend live. Many thanks to our presenters Jim Anderson, The Endurance Drive, and Neil MacKenzie, PT.


Zone 2 Heart Rate Training: Training Slow to Run Fast

Jim Anderson is the founder of The Endurance Drive which provides thoughtful, adaptive and appropriate coaching for endurance athletes. In addition to his coaching, Jim’s endurance and racing background includes all triathlon distances, bike, run and adventure racing. He also volunteers with the Dartmouth Triathlon Club and runs a Hanover based training squad for long distance triathlon & endurance athletes.


Strength Training for Endurance Runners

Neil MacKenzie, PT, DPT, OCS is a Performance Physical Therapist at Cioffredi & Associates. A mentor and leader of the Performance PT Team, he has extensive experience working with athletes of all levels and abilities and has coauthored and published guidelines for back to sport rehabilitation. An IRONMAN triathlete himself, Neil has a special interest in working with endurance athletes including runners and cyclists.

“Running helps balance me out. Mentally, it revamps me and refuels me to go back to studying and the other things I’m doing.” -Nick Lima, Geisel Med Student

Running Smarts

With Nick Lima and Neil MacKenzie, PT

In the Fall of 2022, Nick Lima made a big jump, recording a 2:33:45 finish in the Chicago Marathon. He was excited to build on his PR and keep it going, but when he started training for the Boston Marathon, he couldn’t run. His pain in the achilles region kept flaring up, but it wasn’t tendonitis. Even when he took time off, his nagging pain just got worse.

“I started limping, even while walking, and it was super unpleasant all the time. And that’s when I came in to see Neil [Mackenzie, PT]. I swear, I was able to start noticing a difference in a week or two – and it’s now been 3 or 4 weeks and I’m running with no pain! It’s been such a positive experience.”

Neil used a multi-point approach to help Nick turn his condition around. He identified and corrected issues with footwear, provided manual therapy mobilizations, and developed a comprehensive exercise treatment plan that precisely targeted weaknesses that were contributing to his pain. Now Nick is back to running with a greater understanding and appreciation for his body, a new awareness of how it energizes the rest of his life, and big goals for the future.

“The big thing I learned here with Neil and this injury: I’m not invincible. I think a lot of the battle, a lot of the game, is being in tune with your body and following the general knowledge and rules of how to do a build and how to train for these events. Having a schedule. Having patience… I didn’t really do it as smart as I could have. But now I’m planning to gradually up my pace again, increase mileage, and probably run an October marathon. Maybe this summer I’ll even try to get back to some speed things, you know, try some 5K races again!”


Running Evaluations at Cioffredi & Associates

Running Evaluation is a comprehensive examination and assessment designed to help runners improve their form and decrease risk oinjury.  

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