Health Coaching

Over his 40 year career in treating pain and disability, Billy Cioffredi recognized that many more clients’ conditions were being affected by additional exacerbating factors. Stress, anxiety, inadequate sleep, and poor nutrition were just a few of the factors that were impeding the rate and completeness of many people’s recovery.

Many people know they want to change some of their health behaviors, but experience barriers, setback, and discouragement that keep them from living in a way they truly want. Surprisingly, just a little guidance, help with problem solving, or an accountability tool can make all the difference.

The role of the Health Coach is not to tell people what they should do to be healthier. The coach helps people determine what wellness changes are important to them and help them reach their goals and then keep what they have worked so hard to change.

Our clinical staff have been providing many of these elements within their care for client’s rehabilitation needs. We are now expanding that care within the Health Coaching Program to more specifically address each of our clients’ wellness needs. If you want to make healthy, meaningful, long-term changes in your life, we can help!

Who Would Benefit from Health Coaching? Anyone wanting to:

  • Achieve Long-Term Stress & Anxiety Relief
  • Better their Diet & Nutrition to Lose Weight or Increase Energy
  • Develop Healthy Sleeping Habits
  • Begin or Stay Motivated with Physical Fitness
  • Acquire a Set of Tools for Lasting Health Results

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