Personal Training in Lebanon, NH

A safe transition from the rehabilitation environment to a healthy baseline for clients who are at higher risk of injury, or have a complex medical or surgical history.

Move without being afraid! You’ve worked hard in physical therapy, and you want to maintain those gains and further improve your overall fitness. Our Personal Trainers work directly with our Physical Therapists so you can go beyond injury recovery or disability and focus on your personal goals, whether that’s hiking, skiing, or even handstands! Cioffredi & Associates Trainers have years of biomechanic and movement experience to help develop a custom program around your unique injury, limitations, and/or needs. If you want to improve your fitness and feel better about your health, we are here to give you the confidence to do it right!

  1. Professional Oversight: Training is executed under the supervision of your Physical Therapist.
  2. Communication/Team Approach: Trainers and Physical Therapists work collaboratively to ensure a safe and smooth transition into the post-rehab environment.
  3. Affordability: As a commitment to our clients, all Physical Therapy clients are offered special transition rates.

“When I started working with Meghan, I had just completed several months with Justin working on lower back and neck issues. My fear was that, without some sort of continued strengthening and flexibility habit I would lose what mobility I had gained. On the other hand, I wanted to work with someone who could confer with Justin. Meghan was the perfect choice. She quickly understood where I was competitive and where I was hesitant, then crafted a routine which was always fresh. She helped me see that my flexibility, strength, and balance were not as bad as my (competitive) head thought AND that I didn’t need a strenuous or obsessive regime to make progress. She gave me the confidence I needed and many great ideas to keep me engaged and active.”