On-Site Physical Therapy and Injury Prevention Assessments

Simon Pearce HR Benefits Specialist Cathy Sullivan knows the benefits of a pro-active approach to employee health. For several years she has been working with Cioffredi & Associates to support workplace well-being at the Vermont-based company, and witnessing a reduction in OSHA injury reports and workers’ compensation recordable claims.

Twice each month, Cioffredi & Associates is on the road visiting Simon Pearce employees at the company’s Windsor and Quechee facilities, where handcrafted glass and pottery are produced and distributed. Making rounds in the various departments, we spend time interacting with employees, observing their workstations and processes, and addressing individual needs through on-site physical therapy assessments and education. Their goal is to prevent or minimize the impact of painful conditions for Simon Pearce employees, and optimize their ability to stay injury-free at work and live happier and healthier lives overall.

“The implementation of our on-site therapy program,” says Cathy, “has proven to be a successful partnership with Cioffredi & Associates. We are extremely pleased with the relationship and the meaningful impact it brings to our employees…Healthy and positive employees are contagious!”


Over more than three decades as your Upper Valley neighbor, Cioffredi & Associates has provided occupational health services to prominent companies in the community.  We are now the area’s sole provider of a comprehensive range of wellness services to the corporate and business community that includes preventative assessments and training, in addition to the direct treatment of the injured worker.

On-Site Physical Therapy at Simon Pearce


We provide office and industrial ergonomic assessments, on-site musculo-skeletal screenings, as well as active treatment of those conditions that prevent or interfere with an employee’s ability to work, whether or not they originated in the workplace.Billy Cioffredi, PT, consults with a Simon Pearce manager,

Our approach is designed to more effectively help individuals not only solve pain problems, but to provide them tools and services that support their ability to achieve and maintain a more optimal health. These services include nutrition counseling, health coaching, medically based personal training, and massage.


We understand that every business is different in its need for occupational health and wellness services. For that reason, we have a menu of services that allows a customized approach to the unique needs of each company. The depth of our service allows it to be modified as a company grows and changes.

As with any line of service Cioffredi & Associates provides, we are committed to immediate access and exceptional service. For this reason, we operate from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for the convenience of the worker and the company.

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