Why Choose an Adjustable Desk?

Relaxed, properly aligned postures are optimal to avoid stress and strain on our bodies. Our physical therapists and ergonomics assessment specialists recommend adjustable height workstations for those who work at a computer for long periods.

Here’s why:The sit-to-stand desk recommended by Cioffredi ergonomics specialists.

Even with good alignment, sustained postures cause muscle fatigue and joint stress when maintained too long. This applies to standing as well as sitting, and so we think an adjustable sit-to-stand workstation is ideal.

Being able to change to another position for a time while still maintaining normal, relaxed alignment can be very effective in preventing muscle and joint pain conditions.

Many products are now available and affordable that allow people to operate in one position for a few hours, then easily change their position.

They are simple and quick to change from sitting to standing, and to adjust to individual body sizes.

Physical therapists are movement experts, and our Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialists can help identify the right workstation solution for your body and your work setting.

Here are some of the benefits of a using standing desk:

  1. Burn calories. Standing for an afternoon has been found to burn over 170 calories more than sitting. Sit-to-Stand Desk Recommended by Cioffredi Ergonomics Assessment SpecialistsThat’s almost 1000 calories a week!
  2. It may lower your blood sugar levels after a meal. A study of office workers showed that standing for 180 min after a meal reduced blood sugar levels by 43%.
  3. It may lower your risk of heart disease. It is thought that sitting for prolonged periods of time could increase your risk of heart disease by 147% compared to standing.
  4. Reduces back and neck pain. A CDC study found a reduction in neck and back pain of 54% in 4 weeks with a sit-to-stand desk
  5. Improvement in mood and energy level. Studies show less stress, less fatigue, and up to an 87% increase in vigor and energy.
  6. Boost productivity. Having less fatigue and less pain, you are able to get more done throughout the day.
  7. Could standing more throughout your day even make you live longer? Studies show that reducing sitting by three hours per day may extend your life two years (on average).

Adjustable height desks are available in many styles and price points. Among things to consider are if you want a free-standing, fully adjustable desk or would like to convert your existing desk. Adjustable desks can generally be adjusted to specific measurements, but tend to be more expensive. Standing Desk Converters are less expensive and can sit on top of your existing desk, but may reduce your available workspace and may be more difficult to adjust to specific measurements. Each have their pros and cons, and each has numerous designs to choose from, so we suggest you identify what the most important factors are for you and then look within that category for the option that fits your workspace the best.

Along with changing positions throughout the day, small exercises to focus on posture like squeezing your shoulder blades together, stretching your chest in the doorway, tilting your head to the side, or lightly bending backwards or forwards in the chair or standing can all help to remind your muscles to do their job. For more movements to help you while seated at work, visit Cioffredi.com/desk

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