Have you ever wanted to:

  • Return to Your Sport After the Off-Season or an Injury?
  • Reach Peak Performance?
  • Try Out a New Sport?


It’s difficult to know WHAT activities you should be doing and WHEN you can safely perform them.

This uncertainty is exactly why we’ve developed the Sports Performance Program. This program brings you through three comprehensive steps to tackle this problem:


Our Physical Therapists bring you through a thorough evaluation designed for your specific sport to identify any issues that may contribute to injury or are holding you back.


We will work with you to develop a custom rehabilitation or performance optimization program based on your needs and goals.


Once you are ready to compete, we ‘ll provide clearance for you to get back to what you love!


The Sports Performance Program is designed to be flexible and adapt around your needs and goals. With our integrative staff of physical therapists and personal trainers, we can build an appropriate exercise program and help you reach peak performance. Whether you’re playing soccer, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, baseball, running, skiing, or any other sport, we can provide you with the confidence to compete safely.

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Check out our videos below:


Sports Rehabilitation & Performance

Peaking for Maximum Performance

Running Evaluations