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Back On Top With Doug Teschner

Back On Top with Doug Teschner At 72, after two knee replacement, Doug Teschner spent the last winter and spring hiking, climbing, and skiing… “In October 2019, I had my left knee replaced followed by the right in January 2020. It was a long road to recovery, set back by…

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Is Hip Surgery Right For You?

A year ago, Bill Samuels could barely walk. Today, you’ll find him golfing throughout the week, carrying his clubs all over the hilly 18 holes of his local golf course.

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Q&A: Talking Trails with Randy Richardson

For many people, hiking is an integral part of the Upper Valley experience. We are so lucky to live in a community where we can simply walk out our front door and immediately access world-class trails that engage both the body and mind.

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Hiking Exercises

Hiking Exercises for Flexibility, Strength, and Balance With summer just around the corner, it’s time to take a hike! When you hit the trails, you want to be fully prepared for the season. Exercises are divided into three categories: Flexibility, Strength, and Balance. Note that once the season has started and…

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Spotlight on Randy Richardson

Randy Richardson is the Developmental Director of the Upper Valley Trails Alliance. We are truly honored to have him join us in the upcoming Hiking for Health community event.

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Bill Cioffredi, PT, Cioffredi & Associates Founder

New Year’s Resolution Challenges

Goal-setting practice has reached beyond my professional life, and while I don’t profess to have great wisdom on the topic, I can tell you what has worked for me personally.

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