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Skiing Evaluations: Your Full Body Tune-Up

What is a Skiing Evaluation? A comprehensive, biomechanical evaluation designed to help skiers improve technique & reduce injury Our Physical Therapists specialize in working with all levels of nordic and alpine skiiers (and snowboarders!) and can help you go pain-free all season long. During your interactive, one-hour evaluation, we will…

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Hiking Exercises

Hiking Exercises for Flexibility, Strength, and Balance With summer just around the corner, it’s time to take a hike! When you hit the trails, you want to be fully prepared for the season. Exercises are divided into three categories: Flexibility, Strength, and Balance. Note that once the season has started and…

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Spotlight on Randy Richardson

Randy Richardson is the Developmental Director of the Upper Valley Trails Alliance. We are truly honored to have him join us in the upcoming Hiking for Health community event.

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