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in the last week
The staff at Cioffredi and associates is fantastic— kind and professional. Our whole family has been helped at one time or another. We recommend them enthusiastically!!
a week ago
I have lived with motion sickness in a variety of settings for my entire life. I never knew that PT could help, but it has! This will allow me to enjoy many more activities in life. If you get motion sickness, try PT. Don’t wait 43 years like I did. Update: I have again benefited from PT from Cioffredi, this time for arthritis pain in my knees and a back and tailbone injury. Bill pinpointed the underlying weaknesses and targeted the exercises to get me back to normal quickly. The care is very high quality, and the scheduling and insurance submittals are smoother than I have ever experienced.
a week ago
a week ago
Exceptional experience. Clearly understood the issues and quickly identified treatment that has accomplished more than I had hoped for.
2 weeks ago
My experiences include a back trauma that Julyanna was so methodic in her approach with. Although the injury came to plateau several times she was always creative in protecting other areas of the trauma. I believe the strengthening is in the direction that will have a positive impact once medical intervention takes place in order for me to regain the maximum recovery possible.
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