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In this issue…

✓ Care That Mirrors Life

A Message From Billy Cioffredi

✓ Holiday Gift Guide

Massage, Training, and Golf Packages…A gift for everyone!

✓ Ageless Al

At 81, Al Griggs recovers from a serious injury and hits the road

✓ Peak Conditioning

Carve up your favorite trails all day long on day one with these targeted alpine exercises

✓ Welcome New Pelvic Floor PT

Addressing the needs of our community with program expansion

And many more great stories and information!


Holiday 2021 Newsletter

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Our newsletter is a key component of our effort to provide educational resources to our community. It features informative articles about health conditions and treatment options, information about events and services, as well as inspiring success stories provided by our clients that help readers to chart their own course to pain-free movement for life. Interested in past articles? You can read back through our archive here: