The Journey of Life

-Billy Cioffredi, PT, Founder

Whether you set the challenge or it comes to you, often, the greater it is, the greater the satisfaction is experienced when achieved. For all of us, particularly with these greater challenges, our success is assisted by the support, expertise and inspiration of others. In our clinic, we see that as our responsibility. Yet, at the end of the day, we were just the helping hand. It is the person who decides what they can and will shoot for.

I believe the richness in life is in the journey of being all that you can be in this life, one of continual growth and expansion. It requires a willingness to experience the challenges and difficulties when things don’t go as planned. For some, it might be achieving the ability to descend stairs after 3 years of going one-at-a time. For another, it is climbing NHs four thousand foot peaks after a total knee replacement.

But remember that even the idea of reaching for your dreams is most successful when goals are set on a gradient scale. Sometimes, one success leads to seeing a higher, broader goal that was not previously in sight. These are reasons we developed Personal Training  and Post-Rehab Physical Therapy services: to help people be all that they’ve wanted to be. And it’s for these reasons we are adding a whole new level of tools and services for people to achieve a broader range of health. There will be more on that in the near future.

“Bill worked with me tirelessly, educating me about the importance of exercise and what to do to accomplish my goals. I just returned from my trip, where I was able to walk 3-4 miles a day, climb huge lights of stairs, and manage cobblestones, hills, and uneven pathways without a problem and pain-free.” -Carol Orr

So, my wish for you is to create a rich life; to live a rich journey. Know that you too will have the opportunity to help and influence others along their journey. And know that we are here for you, to provide the expertise, support and inspiration to live a happier, healthier life.

Billy Cioffredi, PT
Cioffredi & Associates Founder


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