The Latest in Pain Relief Technology: The NEUBIE

Joe Soojian, PT, DPT, OCS applies NEUBIE electrodes to the lower back

The latest in pain relief technology, the NEUBIE has a unique and profound effect in managing acute and chronic pain. Clinic trials have shown this technology works best as part of a comprehensive, multi-faceted, treatment plan targeted at your unique physiology, condition, and goals. As a result, while many clinics only offer this groundbreaking service as a stand-alone, add-on service, we also incorporate NEUBIE treatments into all of our standard PT services at the discretion of you and your clinician. This is included regardless of whether you choose to use insurance or self-pay options and reflects our commitment to not only stay on the cutting edge of pain science and use that knowledge and technology to provide our community with the best care and outcomes available. The stories below, graciously submitted by our patients over just the last month represent the promise of what this new technology means for those seeking pain relief…

“Thanks to Joe and NEUBIE technology I am getting my life back…”

Unlike with traditional e-stim, the NEUBIE allows movement through treatments and stimulates the nervous system to promote healing

“A back injury left me in constant pain unless I was lying on my back on a heating pad. After 6 months of traditional physical therapy and doing my prescribed exercises for 1-1.5 hours a day without any improvement, I decided I needed a change and switched to Cioffredi & Associates. I really lucked out because they are currently the only practice in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont that use Neubie Technology. In just 5 weeks my pain is greatly reduced and I while I’m still not 100%, I continue to improve.” -Anonymous

“I came in with very uncomfortable upper back pain and didn’t know the cause of the pain…”

“It was affecting my ability to sleep (couldn’t breathe deeply without pain when laying on my left side) and made other activities (like lifting heavy items) more of a struggle than I’m used to. I also play ice hockey and while it didn’t stop me from playing, it definitely made it much harder to rebound after a skate. All of this was taking a toll on my mental health as well. Working with Howard, he carefully evaluated me, basically figured out the source of the pain and gave me exercises to work on, as well as let me try out the NEUBIE. He also let me have an equal say in how my therapy progressed. I am feeling so much better now, totally pain-free most of the time. If I have a relapse of pain, I am able to manage it with the exercises he gave me to the point where it goes away again in short order. I’m so happy to be back to doing all of my activities easily and sleeping well afterwards!”

-Sherry Kuchma

“A year ago, I was suffering with chronic daily headaches…”

After pursuing treatment and being referred to numerous specialists, the combination of Dry Needling and NEUBIE stimulation was the only thing that provided Lindsay with relief

“I was in constant pain and feeling extremely hopeless after years of searching for answers and relief with no success. I was diagnosed with TMJ dysfunction, and started seeing Joe weekly for PT. Joe is genuinely kind, caring, and compassionate. He carefully assessed my condition and made a plan that works for my individual case, tweaking it along the way to make sure it was successful. Although I am not headache free, I can now happily say that my norm is waking up without a headache! I’m taking significantly less medication, and I can participate in activities that I couldn’t do before and enjoy my life more fully. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with Joe and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.

-Lindsay Wadleigh

“I was having body-wide pain due to my fibromyalgia…”

“And Taylor Daley, PT performed a body nervous system reset with [the NEUBIE]. This was a game-changer for me in my healing/sleep cycle. After a couple months of PT, my new knee is my strong joint that I rely on. It feels great to be able to walk again. People who knew me before comment on how good my gait is now.”

-Cathy Stark

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The NEUBIE: Groundbreaking Technology

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