I know some people don’t like the idea of a New Year’s Resolution, but I look forward to it. I love the new year as a reminder to review the past year, to set new goals, and make plans to get there.

Like most people, I hit some goals, not all, and know that some may be delayed from my original timeline. I expect there will be bumps in the road. You have to be game to look forward to finding solutions to the “bumps.” What has changed for me is that, while I feel energized to reach for certain goals, I’m not compulsive about having to attain it. I’ve learned the experience of freedom to simply change my mind about a goal as long as it’s not a method to avoid confronting some of the challenges that invariably come up.

I also learned to ask for help. Some of this comes from my own experience helping the people we care for in our clinic. I’m now walking into my 35th year since starting this organization and one thing that has changed over time are the additional factors that some people carry with them through their lives. Elevated levels of stress and anxiety, struggles with sleep, and finding time to exercise and “eat right” are all common.

In our work, I’ve always felt it was important to acknowledge people’s challenges and struggles, but then take the next step and help them the best that we can with these things. These qualities are reinforced in our organization’s culture. This is why we have added the Health Coaching service. All of us, at one time or another, have felt barriers or opposing purposes to our goals. Receiving the right amount of support and help may be the difference between success and strengthening one’s self confidence to handle life versus feeling failure. For me, self-confidence is the basis of resilience and all those good components of mental wellness. And mental wellness is the building block of physical health.

You can read more about our Health Coaching service along with another new service, Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation, that we are now providing for our clients here. We hope that you find them of help. From our entire team, we wish you a happy, healthy 2020!