When I was 7 years old, my favorite TV show was, “Sky King.” The show followed the exciting adventures of King, a successful rancher who flew a sleek twin engine airplane named Songbird. As a kid, I felt a strong connection to this character and it wasn’t long before I became interested in aeronautics and got a workbook for private pilots.

One of my fondest memories was my own adventure where I pedaled my single speed, banana seat bicycle alone, out to the airport on the outskirts of Rutland, Vermont. I sat and watched the planes take off and land for hours. When I finally made it home in the late afternoon, my parents were relieved… and some angry with me as I hadn’t told them I was leaving or where I was going. I had no sense that the location was 7 miles each way. But I’ll never forget my first flight. On a sunny, summer day, my Dad’s friend flew me around the valley. In 1988, I got my wings. My dream had come true.

One definition of a dream is ‘A fantasy. Another is ‘A fond hope or aspiration.’ These are 2 very different concepts, and I believe we easily get confused. Some people hope that their dreams may someday come true. Others make a decision that they are going to be something, achieve something, experience something.

Now… you know that achieving your dream can be a temporary thing, right? You get the new car, the big house, the sweet job… but then what? It’s not the material dream, but the journey pursuing our goals that are meaningful to each of us. Appreciating the warm friendships, thanking those who have helped us along the way, and helping others towards their own goals. That, to me, is ‘living the dream’.

We can live our lives somewhat passively or we can choose what mountains we will climb. Some might be big, some small, but all of them worthy of the effort. And some people will hit their summits more often than not. My observation is that the more successful ones selectively tap into mentors, consultants or coaches when they need the help.

You can find a helpful resource that Marsha Wykes, Health Coach and Physical Therapist, has put together for you here. In it, you can learn about a truly workable process to help you achieve your goals for a more robust health. Making positive, meaningful change is hard though. Know that we have highly experienced staff with the professional coaching skills and extensive training to help support you and your goals on whatever level you need and want.

We live as long as we have a future to live for. Our future is in our dreams, our specific goals: The goals that we have decided are worth living for. We are privileged to have the opportunity to support yours.

Very Best Wishes,

Billy Cioffredi

Cioffredi & Associates Founder
Physical Therapist & Health Coach