Quick & Easy Throwing Exercises to Save Your Season

Every year, baseball and softball players develop aches and pains associated with their throwing motion. In more severe cases, it may even prevent play or cause long term damage.  How can you put yourself in the best position to avoid injury and stay on the field? 


  • Up to 74% of youth baseball players (ages 8–18) report some degree of arm pain while throwing, and almost a quarter (23%) report injury histories consistent with overuse.
  • Five percent of youth pitchers will suffer a serious elbow or shoulder injury within 10 years
  • Studies have shown that strengthening and stretching exercises can drastically reduce your injury risk. One study found a reduction in elbow injuries by 50% over the course 12 months.

Each of the following exercises is designed to strengthen core muscles in the arm, enforce proper form, and improve joint control. Performing these warm-ups regularly will keep you on the field and off the injury list.

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EXERCISE VIDEOS: Printable Version

In Season:1 Set of 10 Repetitions1-2 Days/Week
Out of Season:2 Sets of 10 Repetitions2-3 Days/Week
  1. PENDULUMS: General Joint Warm-Up

  2. 90/90 EXTERNAL ROTATION: Strengthens Rotator Cuff

  3. DIAGONAL SHOULDER FLEXION: Strengthens Rotator Cuff

  4. SCAPTION: Strengthens Rotator Cuff

  5. ABDUCTION: Strengthens Deltoid

  6. ELBOW FLEXION: Strengthens Biceps

  7. TRICEPS EXTENSION: Strengthens Triceps

  8. PRONATION/SUPINATION: Strengthens Forearm

  9. PRONE SCAPULAR RETRACTION: Improves Scapular Stability

  10. PRONE “Y”: Improves Scapular Stability

  11. PRONE “T”: Improves Scapular Stability

  12. 90/90 INTERNAL ROTATION: Strengthens Rotator Cuff

Avoid sprains, strains, and tears both in season and out!


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