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Discover the hidden elements that have been holding back your golf game with a Titleist Performance Institute Golf Evaluation at the Cioffredi Sports Performance Center. Golf is a lifetime sport, but enjoyment, satisfaction, and comfort can suffer if you have limited flexibility, joint mobility, and/or dynamic strength. Don’t let this hold you back. Work with a TPI certified Physical Therapist to identify your specific weaknesses, provide individualized solutions, and make this your best season ever!

Experience Golf Performance Development

During your initial session, you will undergo a comprehensive 16-point screen by a TPI certified Physical Therapist who has experienced working with golfers of all ages and abilities. This screen is specifically designed to identify any movement compensations/deficiencies and how they may be impacting your swing. Your physical therapist will use this screen to tailor a comprehensive and individualized program to improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury over the course of the season. This approach addresses your key barriers to success and will shave strokes off of your scorecard! Packages include:

• 16-Point Movement Screen
• Bio-Mechanic Golf Swing Video Review
• Boditrak Weight Transfer Analysis

What should you expect? Watch this video for a breakdown of how we do it:

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Pre-Season Golf Conditioning With Neil MacKenzie PT

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