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The gold standard for measurement of cardiovascular fitness

Clinically accurate biometrics and reporting on your cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic systems so you can better understand your unique physiology, unlock your potential, and get the results you want.

Improve Performance Health, and Longevity

Train Smarter. Trusted by hundreds of professional sports organizations and health professionals, our non-invasive PNOE technology utilizes a breath by breath analysis of oxygen and CO2 exchange in conjunction with heart rate to determine how your body uses the air you breathe, how you convert fuel to energy, and how that energy powers your performance:

Heart & Lung Fitness

Performance in your sport starts with how efficiently you process oxygen and clear CO2. Find the critical limiters in your lungs and heart that manage this exchange through your body and precisely determine your real heart rate training zones.

Learn how fast or slow your metabolism is, determine optimal calorie intake for your goal, and measure how effectively your cells burn fats and carbohydrates at rest and during exercise.

Understand your body’s fueling needs, whether that is to maintain your current state or support your health and wellness goals for weight loss or gain.

Discover how effectively you burn fat as a fuel source, clear fatigue metabolites, and determine the optimal macro intake during exercise.

Resting & Active Metabolic Tests

Resting Metabolic Test

Understand Your Metabolism: Learn how your metabolic health stacks up and get a better understanding of your body’s fuel/caloric needs. 

Whether you are looking for ways to maintain your current state or support your health and wellness goals for weight loss or gain, a resting metabolic test will give you the information you need to take your next steps:

  • Metabolic Rate: The breakdown of fuel sources your body uses at rest. Your body uses a mix of carbs and fats for energy to sustain life and power you through your day. A high reliance on fat as a resting fuel source is an indicator of cellular health and is associated with a lower likelihood of weight gain.
  • Daily Caloric Needs – Lends insight to the amount of energy (calories) your body requires to maintain, gain or lose weight based on your true physiology rather than guesswork.

Resting Metabolic Test FAQ

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to get a lens into their metabolic health or to get a better understanding of their body’s fuel/caloric needs. 

  • Having good metabolic health (a healthy metabolism) is an important metric of your health.   Someone with good metabolic health is at less risk for a whole host of diseases that tend to occur as we age, but also as a result of our standard American lifestyle and diet 
  • Having an accurate measure of this let’s us know where we stand so we can take action to prevent chronic disease. 

Earlier in the day is ideal because the test requires that you are: 

  • Fasted (no eating for 6 hours prior to the test) 
  • Have consumed only water 6 hours prior to the test  
  • Have not consumed or utilized any stimulants such as caffeine or tobacco 

Active Metabolic Test

A 12-20 minute intense exercise test with clinical grade PNOE technology uses a breath by breath analysis combined with heart rate and intensity to get a better picture of your cardiorespiratory fitness. 

  • VO2max – This is your aerobic capacity or level of fitness.
  • Fat-Max – The heart rate at which you burn the most fat (versus carbohydrates) for fuel.
  • Heart Rate Zones – HR Zones are an essential tool for effective training. Most amateur runners have a tendency to run too hard for their easy runs, and not hard enough for their hard runs. Having accurate HR zones based on your true physiology versus estimated HR zones from wearables is a game-changer when it comes to maximizing training benefits.

The PNOE algorithm utilizes your workout goals and test results to give a recommendation for weekly exercise programming in order to facilitate change where you need it to increase your physical capacity. This breakdown will help you better understand the time you should be spending on cardio, strength and interval training to address your current limitations and push your physical performance to the next level.

Active Metabolic Test FAQ

Who is it for? 

A max exercise test is best utilized by individuals who are in an active training program and are looking to push their progression efficiently by taking out the data guesswork.   Individuals need to be fit enough and well-rested to perform a maximal exercise test for best results. You can perform the test if: 

  • You have pushed yourself hard in training, to the point of exhaustion/failure 
  • You have a good idea of what your max HR is based on your highest intensity training 
  • You are in good cardiovascular health – if you have any history of cardiovascular events or comorbidities (heart attack, high blood pressure, a-fib or other arrythmia) or pulmonary limitations (asthma, pulmonary disease), we will need signed permission from your specialist certifying that you are safe to perform a maximal exercise test. 
  • Individuals should be no older than 55 y/o and meet the above criteria 

Get VO2Max/measurement of level of cardiorespiratory fitness.  Using the data collected during the test, we are able to find your heart rate zones very accurately.  That’s because these zones are not just general percentages of your VO2max.  Rather, these are HR ranges where changes are occurring within your body’s systems as you adapt to exercise, marking different thresholds.   By having accurate HR zones, you can better tailor your workouts to build upon your deficits very specifically, working smarter, not just harder. 

While the measure of VO2max is nice to have and is considered to be a marker of health and longevity (in addition to cardiovascular fitness), data gathered from testing such as heart rate zones can help us train more efficiently. The PNOE algorithm will utilize testing data in combination with your stated training goals to come up with a basic training framework in order to optimize your training results. If you need help further structuring your workouts, we recommend working with your coach or with one of our Performance PTs to help take you to the next level.

  • You have performed no exercise efforts in the last 24 hours at high exertion/effort and have had no longer duration efforts of greater than 60 minutes (ie, your body should be well-recovered). 
  • Should be performed in a logical part of your training cycle.    It is NOT recommended that a maximal test is performed close to race-day. 
  • Follow-up testing is recommended every 3-4 months in order to reassess based on training adaptations and your training cycle. 


Resting + Active Metabolic Test: $250

Follow up testing is recommended at 3-4 months to track progress and refine workout plans. After the first test, 3-packs can be purchased at a discount of $600 ($200 each)

Individual Resting Metabolic Test: $100
Individual Active Metabolic Test: $175

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