COVID-19 Precautions

Cioffredi & Associates is dedicated to your health and safety. We were one of the first businesses in the Upper Valley to close our doors in March out of an abundance of caution. In that time, we implemented telehealth services to provide needed continuing care, but also used this time to redesign our procedures from top to bottom in preparation for reopening in-person services. We have now re-opened our clinic because we feel confident that the measures we have taken are not only sufficient, but go above and beyond to keep our patients and staff safe and protected. In order for you to feel as confident as us about coming in, we are being as transparent as possible with our precautions:


What to Expect During Your Physical Therapy Visit

Kate Leiser, PT screens a patient’s temperature

Procedural Changes to Protect You

  • When you first schedule your appointment, we will perform a background screen and you will be sent all forms to complete electronically. We have eliminated all physical paperwork and have moved to an electronic platform to reduce possible transfer of bacteria and viruses.
  • When you enter the clinic, you will check in at the front desk where we will ensure you have your mask, sanitize your hands (see below for our state-of-the-art sanitization solutions) and immediately guide you to your personal socially-distant treatment space. The scale and unique design of both our Lebanon and Grantham clinics allows us to provide you with full and constant physical separation. Both oversized, completely private treatment rooms and large open spaces are completely sanitized and prepped before and after each treatment. The clinic has CO2 monitoring to ensure that spaces are properly ventilated as well as immediate access to outside facing windows at all treatment sites.
  • During your appointment, your clinician will provide a temperature and background screening. Between all treatments, they are washing their hands, changing gloves, and wiping down all equipment and surfaces. All physical items and equipment that cannot be easily cleaned between uses are no longer in use.
  • When you leave, you will proceed directly to your car unless otherwise directed. To reduce contact, we will coordinate all scheduling over the phone or email and  send home exercise programs electronically along with any other needed details/info.

We know that our service is critical for those who are in pain, but we also know that we are responsible for your safety and wellbeing, as well as that of our staff and the community at large in providing this service.  We take that responsibility very seriously. It is a privilege to treat you and we want to worthy of the trust you place in us. That is why we have taken all of these precautions, ensuring that our space is as safe as possible. We hope that these measures give you confidence in your care and we look forward to seeing you in person to help resolve your pain.


State of the Art Sanitization

We have invested in state of the art cleaning process to both sanitize and protect our clinic.

  1. The first of this 2-step process includes the use of an EPA approved, environmentally friendly, non-toxic disinfectant, used by numerous organizations who require top of the line sanitization including NASA, top hospitals, and major airlines. It kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses including Covid-19.
  2. The second application includes an electro-static surface protectant that continues to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on impact for months after the initial application, at which time the agents are reapplied.


Telehealth Physical Therapy Also Available

Of course, if you are still quarantining or prefer the convenience of remote treatment, we are still providing telehealth appointments, now covered by all major insurance carriers in the Upper Valley INCLUDING Medicare!

“How can physical therapy be delivered online?

“It’s physical, thank you very much, and how is Kate going to reach through my laptop to touch my gummy right shoulder, recently replaced….

Kate assessed my functional ability on screen, walked me through some new case specific exercises, and then followed all with a detailed set of “homework” assignments, submitted by email, that had spot-on instructions, visuals and directions easily reviewable as often as desired…

I was reminded that change equals stress (and skepticism). An unwillingness to try a different approach can result in significant opportunity lost.

I hope that more people will lean-in on telehealth as offered by Cioffredi and Associates. By far, the most likely outcome beats the alternative of compromise to one’s own selfcare. Best for fine health of body and spirit!”

– James W.

Learn more about our Telehealth Program and Frequently Asked Questions here!