-Sarah Hils

“It’s been a little over 9 months since I completely ruptured my ACL playing softball and had acl reconstruction surgery and I feel stronger than ever!”

“Neil [MacKenzie, PT] was wonderful to work with.  He made me confident about my decision to move forward with surgery and about the possibility of healing quickly if I put in the work. He knew where I wanted to be and he helped get me there! He pushed me, made me feel confident and gave me the tools I needed to succeed and be where I am today. People have been blown away by how quickly I recovered and how strong I’ve gotten since!” 

"I've played in two softball tournaments..."

"...Since being released back to full activity. The first one I was a little more cautious but my team came in second. I played again and I was able to get back in left center field and catch a ton of fly balls! My favorite!! I also felt great hitting and running bases! We ended up playing 6 games in one day and coming in 4th out of 14 teams. I felt great afterwards."

"I completed the full duathlon at Whaleback..."

"...Which consisted of 8 loops on my mountain bike (10 miles with a decent amount of elevation gain) and then a run up and over the mountain twice for 4 more miles. My knee felt so strong pedaling and running on the uneven ground. I was 1 of 6 to sign up for the full and I was the first women to finish. I met a couple Cioffredi employees volunteering at the finish line and told them how great I felt!"

"I've been working so hard to get faster and stronger..."

"...Every day and am currently running 8.5 minute miles! I've also done a lot of hiking this summer, including Cardigan 3 times for sunrise and sunset."

“I’m back to running, hiking and playing softball! I’m so thankful for Neil’s expertise, encouragement and for the fun sessions we had together. I wouldn’t be where I am without him.”

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