Word of the Year

Are you one of the many people who’s tried setting New Year’s Resolutions in the past but find that you run out of steam on being consistent with achieving it? Here’s an idea! Instead of a New Year’s resolution, try choosing a Word of The Year – a consistent, yet gentle, reminder to focus on creating positive change in your life.

How to choose your Word of The Year for 2021:

  • Make a list of things you’d like to focus on in the coming year to nudge yourself toward being the best version of you that you can be.
  • Determine the common theme(s) of your list
  • Choose some words that best represent these themes and feel inspiring and guiding

Word of The Year tips:

  • Choose a word that encompasses some meaningful change in your beliefs or behaviors that will help your year feel positive and fulfilling.
  • Use your Word of The Year to help guide your decisions about your daily behaviors and actions.
  • Allow the consistent use and application of your Word of The Year to continuously move you toward becoming your best you!
My 2020 word was Gratitude (little did I know when I chose it, how hard it might be to apply in 2020! My word of the year for 2021 is Giving: giving of my time, my support, my knowledge, my inspiration, my positivity, etc in as many ways as I can every day. Give it a try yourself and, if you want a little extra hand, our Health Coaching Service can help!
Marsha Wykes, PT, OCS, CHC, Cert. MDT
PT & Health Coach