Journey Back to the Extreme

An Athlete’s Drive to Get Back in Action


Kalla Robb is an extreme sports enthusiast. Dirt biking and Tough Mudder races are just two of the sports she enjoys. When a dirt biking accident left her with a broken wrist, arm, and a few cracked ribs, she was left on the sidelines.

“It was by far the most significant injury I have ever suffered. After surgery, when it came time to rehab, I wanted a place where I felt comfortable and knew I would be pushed. So I came to Cioffredi & Associates, and I started seeing Anna. The first step was to regain mobility in my left shoulder” recalled Kalla.


Anna Hecker, PT, DPT, noted “When she rst came in, Kalla had a really hard time because her range of motion was so limited. She was unable to lift her arm, let alone use it. Being very active both at work and at home, she struggled with her limitations and therapy was challenging for her. That said, Kalla responded very well to massage and dry needling, and she worked through exercises diligently.”

While it was a challenging process for Kalla, Anna’s encouragement helped her get through the toughest moments: “Anna was awesome. She was always very nice but tough, and in doing so, made a tough experience better. She really gets to know her patients and pushes them to their limits. Even though I might be sore, going to PT was never a bad thing. The goal of getting better was always there.”

Joe coaches Kalla through her workout

As her time in PT was coming to a close, Kalla was interested in continuing to enhance her sports performance. Anna recommended she transition to our Medically-Based Personal Training Program. This program focuses on providing a safe transition into a more rigorous fitness program and building on the gains made in therapy. What’s unique about this program, is that you work one-on-one with one of our Personal Trainers, on a program that is overseen by your personal Physical Therapist. Kalla was on board, and signed up to work with trainer Joe Soojian.

Joe and Kalla picked up right where Anna had left off, continuing to build on the shoulder strength and mobility, and furthering her range of motion. Soon they progressed to a full body strengthening routine to ensure that she could safely return to all the activities she enjoys.

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Kalla in action

On her training Joe noted “Kalla’s work ethic and desire to get back to Tough Mudders really allowed me to push her. In just a few weeks, Kalla was working into advanced exercises that required a large range of motion, muscular control, and strength.” Kalla noted that working with Joe really gave her the support and encouragement she needed to further advance her training regimen, all in a safe and controlled environment.

“Since working with Joe and Anna I have been able to do all the things I could before and more, including riding my dirt bike! Recently, I have been running and working out with friends, and while I’ll always consider myself as a work in progress, those Tough Mudder races are not far off.”


“Thank you to Joe and Anna and everyone else at Cioffredi & Associates, for making my experience worthwhile and awesome. I have truly missed going there every week! I will forever be thankful.”