Returning to Activity Post-Back Surgery: Judy Mckeown Shares Her Story

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Judith McKeown is a very active individual. A self-proclaimed “gym rat” Judy enjoys numerous fitness activities both in and out of the gym. When pain and numbness in her back and legs arose, Judy ended up needing multiple surgeries.

Judy has undergone a total of 3 spinal surgeries, resulting in fusions from her L2-S1 vertebrae. The most recent fusion was just this past year in an attempt to decrease the amount of numbness and pain she was experiencing from the spinal stenosis that had developed. Unfortunately, there was minimal improvement in her symptoms, and a sharp groin pain that was not previously present began. Additionally, she began experiencing SI joint pain that was often unpredictable. At its worse, Judy couldn’t walk. For an active individual, this was life changing; Judy decided to seek a new approach.

“I had been to Cioffredi & Associates before in the past, and I chose to see them for help with the three areas of discomfort that I was having. As I described my three-pronged problem to Marsha Wykes, PT, OCS, Cert. MDT she never flinched. We got right down to business constructing a plan for each issue.”

“I was given a thorough plan of exercises for home that progressively got harder as I improved, and I worked hard with Marsha when I was at the clinic.”

“I had heard about dry needling and Marsha agreed to try it on my most painful area. Eureka! After just the second needling, my SI joint had calmed down dramatically! After finishing my appointments with Marsha I am left with a feeling of great success and relief.”

“Judy was a pleasure to work with,” said Marsha.  “Coming in she had very obtainable expectations and was always willing to try each component of treatment that I recommended. While her case was complex due to having multiple issues contributing to her condition, it was easy to manage because of her optimistic character. She was very positive about even the small improvements and appreciated how they contributed to her overall recovery. I believe that she was the key to making her success happen.”

Moving forward Judy has her eyes set on returning to the activities she enjoyed prior to her surgeries. “I am now switching gears and going to do some personal training. I am looking to bring back some of the strength and balance that I had lost after a full year of pain and recovery from my surgery.”


“It is wonderful that Cioffredi & Associates has become an all-around wellness facility. Now I can not only get better, but I can get to the next level.”


“I am so grateful to Marsha and her team for what they have done to get me back to a place with almost no restrictions on my activity. I am a huge fan of Cioffredi & Associates and recommend them to anyone trying to get back on their feet.”